**We have resumed our FTF activities from October 2022 and are in regular touch with our registered patients needing our support, especially the Adopted ones**

Our weekly " VIRTUAL CONSULTATION " and  "LET'S TALK " initiatives are running successfully.

Check out our World Diabetes Day (14 November 2023) initiatives: 

WDD 2023: Diabetes Awareness Programme | World Diabetes Day events around the world


Hridayam Foundation is a charitable organization registered in UK and India, with its activities in Bihar, India and across UK we run educational and awareness programmes on CardioVascular Diseases and Diabetes, especially in the South Asian Community. 


Heart disease is widely prevalent and is the major cause of loss of life at young age. Over years we have strived to look after patients with heart problems in the state of Bihar, India,  with limited or no access or means to diagnosis and/or treatment. We also run health education and wellness activities. 


We aim to serve the poorest with heart disease in Bihar and are supported by a strong and dedicated team of committed volunteers, keen to serve the deprived community. 


Starting in the year 2000, the Foundation was launched on 05 September 2012.

By now we have more than 2500 patients with heart disease under our care.


We regularly adopt patients for lifelong medications/tests/treatment, from the most impoverished background.


We have established partnerships with higher /tertiary centres for poor patients needing complex treatment like heart surgery.

We run monthly "Keep in Touch / Trouble Shooting" clinics, in between our large programmes.  These are conducted on nominated days every month and are free for Hridayam patients. The clinics help serve the needy for follow-ups, as necessary. 

Our state of the art "Anticoagulation Clinic" has been the first of its kind in the region and perhaps the country, avoiding the need for patients to travel far distances to tertiary centres for anticoagulation treatment management. This is now a  local and precision based service, with excellent results and patient feedback. 


We believe in local/regional partnerships and undertake educational (CME) activities with local doctors, which are quite popular. We conducted a remotely managed "Cardiology Quiz" as part of BAPICON 2018. Our Educational and Networking arm "North Bihar College of Cardiology / North Bihar Cardiac Network" is now called "Bihar College of Cardiology / Bihar Cardiac Network", as CardioBihar, for further inclusivity and appropriateness. Our NBCC/NBCN 2019 Accual Connect 2019 was a very successful event, on 20th October 2019 at Muzaffarpur, Bihar, with more than 100 delegates attending the event with an enriching local and regional faculty. In 2020 we undertook Webinars on COVID, Diabetes and recently our Spring Connect 2021. Visit www.cardiobihar.com for more details. 


We have had excellent feedback so far from patients for our team's selfless work, and we hope to maintain our standards going forwards. Patient satisfaction rates have consistently been above 90% for our range of services. 


We are grateful to everyone who has helped us so far, to reach a point where our Foundation is well recognized and a focal point of referral for the poorest and/or difficult to diagnose or treat heart patients in the region. 


We run Training / Fellowship / Work Experience / Volunteering Programme for professionals / medical trainees / students aspiring to get enriching healthcare & social experience, learn technical skills, helping deprived patients and enhance their own profile.




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The Hridayam Foundation 2022-23. Registered Charity no: 1195240 (Charity Commission for England & Wales), 218/2019 (Muzaffarpur, India). Twitter:@hridayamuk Instagram: hridayamfoundation