We have restarted our FTF and outreach activities starting March to October 2022 in a phased manner with COVID protocols in place, serving more than 100 patients across Muzaffarpur, East Champaran and Rahimpur/Khagaria, Bihar, adopting many for lifelong medications provision, besides ongoing follow up consultation and testing.


Our Spring 2023 Programme was very successful, with activities in Muzaffarpur and the village of Khuguni, Bihar, besides educational activities including "SPRING CONNECT", an accredited event.


Starting October 2023, we have initiated monthly "Teach in" sessions on a range of topics in cardiovascular and metabolic medicine, cpd accreditation applied for. 


Autumn 2023 face to face programme will run between 13-22 November 2023. This includes the holy festival period of Chaath (Sun God Worship) during which we will not be able to run any clinics but provide telephone advice only.  


As part of World Diabetes Day (14 November 2023), the foundation is running a range of activities. Check them out here: WDD 2023: Diabetes Awareness Programme | World Diabetes Day events around the world and get in touch with us for more details. 


Spring-Summer 2024 programmes are being planned, alongwith applications for work experience and volunteering. 


After a gap of 4 years, we are almost back to our usual and better way of providing services, more innnovatively. In 2019 we saw more than 500 patients and adopted about 80 patients for long term free testing and medicines provision.


Besides, we have been now switched to running weekly video-linked clinics between Muzaffarpur, other sites in India and UK, for our new and follow up patients, ensuring continuity of services and care.


In our attempts to recover/reset from the effects of the Pandemic, our patients are now in regular touch with us and the Adopted patients are having their regular supply of medicines, which was disrupted.


Patients from remote areas who are unable to contact/reach us are advised to retain medicine reciepts for reimbursement of costs.


Our Anticoagulation clinic continues to expand and a diverse range of patients benefited from it. 


We also participated in local and NBCC/NBCN scientific meetings, including hosting the NBCC Annual Connect.


The Spring 2019 International Fellowship was awarded to Emma Louise Gosney, Cardiac Physiologist, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust, UK for services to Echocardiography. She also raised funds in excess of £600 to help the needy.


Our sessions were structured with: 

    Clinical Assessments

    Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiography)

    ECG, Blood tests, esp INR, Lipid profile & as relevant

    Patient Education Activities: Focussed on their needs

    Medicines Management, Safe Prescribing Enforcement

    Clinical Coding

    Adoption of poorest patients for long term care, as necessary

    Team debrief and Meetings, with leisurely activities

    Tailored Educational Programme & discussions for the Clinical Fellow


All services were offered free of cost, with no charge to patients. 





We had a very successful SPRING & AUTUMN 2018 Programmes in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India, with a mix of clinical, non-clinical, training, and educational activities, looking after more than 550 heart patients. 


In Autumn, despite the busy Dussehra/Diwali festival schedule, our team worked very hard and with utmost dedication, and deserve praise and the Foundation thanks them for their unconditional commitment.


Numerous patients were adopted for lifelong treatment and our Anticoagulation Clinic (ACC) has been drawing regional/national attention, and we hope to present this model to international organisations soon. 


We launched our educational arm: NORTH BIHAR COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY / NORTH BIHAR CARDIAC NETWORK during this period , this is now operating as CARDIOBIHARBIHAR COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY / BIHAR CARDIAC NETWORK (visit www.cardiobihar.com for details). 


The First Regional Meeting of NBCC was held on 23 December 2018 at Motihari, Bihar. The Foundation participated by conducting a Cardiology Quiz for all delegates. Further details can be found on CardioBihar website. 

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