On World Hypertension Day 2019, The Foundation ran a busy health check-up programme in its Muzaffarpur premises, in association with local API organisation. It was led by our chairman, Dr B B Thakur. All attendees underwent a clinical examination, glucose, lipid profile and general checks and received necessary advice including lifestyle modification, as necessary. It was a very successful event, and free to all who attended. 


We celebrate our Foundation Day on Sept 05 across UK and India.



Foundation Day 2017 was a day of reflection and learning from past events, and to plan for Oct programme. It also included launch of our fitness site TFX Direct: www.tfxdirect.com to raise awareness for fitness in grownups and younger people. 

Foundation Day 2016 was celebrated on in UK and India with a range of clinical and volunteering activities, including water fasting, running, and distribution of food amongst the poorest, and team building activities.


The clinical sessions were conducted by our India Lead, Dr B B Thakur


Foundation Day 2015 Team UK activities included:

"Dawn to Dusk" Fast to feel together with millions of poor and hungry worldwide.

"Reflective Session" on what we've done in last year, our achievements.

"Review Session" for our weaknesses and ways forward.

"Planning Session" to firm up our plans for upcoming Autumn Programme.

Video-Conferencing with Team India (time permitting).

Home cooked "Foundation Dinner" with simple ingredients representing our native villages in India.

Team India, Muzaffarpur activities:

"Walk for heart event"

Free consultation for poor patients by Dr B B Thakur.

Provision of medicines to the needy, as appropriate.

"Review and Reflection Session" with Team members.

"Team Building" Session

Provision of Food packs to 100 poor and needy persons.

Home cooked"Foundation Dinner" as above.

Team India, Delhi NCR activities included:

"Run for heart event."

Review and Reflection Session."

Home cooked"Foundation Dinner" as above.

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