Hridayam Autumn 2016 India Event 18-29 October at Muzaffarpur and Patna, Bihar


Following were the highlights of our October 2016 Event:


18 October 2016: Scientific Meeting on Anticoagulation, Patna, India. In patnership with Cardiological Society of India, Bihar.


19 October 2016: Logistics, Planning


20 October 2016: Team Meeting & Final Preparations


21-27 October 2016: Clinical Activities for Heart Patients & Diabetics, Patient Education, Testing, Liaising with clinical partners


23 October 2016:

Echocardiography (Heart Scan)


Scientific Meeting on Anticoagulation and Diabetes. In partnership with API Bihar Chapter, Muzafferpur.


28 October 2016:


12345k Walk/Run Event for Heart, Team Day/Evening Out


29 October 2016: Second Opinion Clinic, Wrapup & Close


31 October 2016: Inpromtu meeting about Foundation and its activities with Mr Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar





Clinical Consultation:  Dr B B Thakur, Dr Ashish K Thakur, Dr Smita Thakur, Dr K C Sinha 


Clinical Support:, ECG Services:  Satyendra Kumar Singh


Patient Liasioning Leads: Satyendra Kumar Singh, Dr B B Thakur, Dr A K Thakur

Clinical Work Flow Leads: Manauwar Alam, Raj Kumar, Avinash Kumar Mishra, Shambhu Singh


Emergency Care Lead: Dr A K Thakur, Satyendra K Singh, Suman Kumar


IT Team: Document Capture, Clninical Coding and Data Management: 
Sugandh Sarvpriya, Anshini Thakur, K P Gupta

Lifestyle Advice & Education: Dr B B Thakur

Logistics, Operations & General Supervision: Rama Thakur


Patient Feedback: Shyama Sinha, Anshini Thakur


F&B, Catering: Shyama Sinha 

General Support, Troubleshooting: Mahendra Kumar, Shambhu Kumar

Medicines Management & Pharmacy Services:


G C Sinha, Rajan Kumar Singh, Manish Kumar Madhukar, Avinash Kumar, Narendra Mishra

Pathology Services: (Health Care Centre, Muzaffarpur): Dr K C Sinha, Dr Anshuman Sinha, Bipin Kumar

General Support Workers & Housekeeping: Hari Bhagat, Asha Devi, Sitataram Prasad

Pharmaceutical Industry Volunteers/Partners:

Nirmal Kumar : General Management & Supervision. Conflict Resolution.


Siddhartha Shanker : General Management & Supervision. Conflict Resolution. 

Deepak Kumar : Registration Desk

Kunal Kishor : Registration Desk

Sitesh Kumar Chaudhry : Registration Desk

Satish Kumar : Registration Desk

Siddhartha Shanker: Lipid Profile Testing & Statin Counselling

Rohit Ranjan: General Support & Lipid Profile Testing


Zuventus (TBC): INR Testing 

Echocardiographic Equipment Partner:

Dr Ranju Jha (Medicare Diagnostic Centre, Muzaffarpur)



Our Spring 2016 India Event ran from 20-27 March 2016.


This was a huge success with over 200 patients benefiting from the activity. 


We also had events like: "Meet the Press", "Scientific Session" and "Run for Heart".

We adopted poorest patients for long/term supply of essential medications.

We also  provided second opinion to patients needing them and held special sessions like "Anticoagulation Clinic".

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