The Hridayam Earthquake Relief Initiative April-May 2015.
Thousands were affected by this unfortunate tragedy. The Foundation decided to intervene in this great crisis, as our Indian operations are based in Muzaffarpur (Bihar), close to Nepal. Our team came together tirelessly to help the affected with basic means of living. In a race against time, our first consignment was dispatched on 29 April 2015 for INR 140,000 (GBP 1445 approx) raised using own/family funds and few quick donations in India. The consignment comprised of 250 Blankets, 250 Tarpaulin sheets & 197 Cartons (10,000 packs) of Glucose Biscuits followed by a second consignment. 
We actively liaised with government authorities to ensure the help reached the right people at the right time.


Our Autumn 2015 India Event ran from 11-18 October 2015.
Around 300 new and old patients attended the event. Majority were below the poverty line. The format was similar to previous, ranging from consultation to blood tests, ECGs, heart ultrasound scans. This time with our partners we were able to provide free "on the spot" lipid profile (cholesterol & fractions) tests for patients.

Many patients received free medications ranging from a week to a month with our /partners help. We adopted many patients for life long/term supply of essential medications. We had extensive media coverage via our "Meet the Press" event on 18 October.

We also provided second opinion to patients about their heart related problem(s) and ran "AntiCoagulation Management" clinic every day, as planned. We received many requests to organise this sort of activity in local villages, which we will consider in our future programmes.

As before, our team worked very hard, learning from previous experiences to maintain our high quality of care and patient experience, with excellent feedback. We ended the programme on Sunday 18 October 2015 which also included a final team lunch comprising of traditional "Bihari" food.

Our Team comprised of: 



Dr B B Thakur, Dr Ashish K Thakur, Dr Smita Thakur

Clinical Support Workers:

Satyendra Kumar Singh, Manauwar Alam, Raj Kumar

Avinash Kumar Mishra, Suman Kumar, Shambhu Singh

Anshini Thakur & Mihika Kumar: Feedback

Lifestyle Advice & Education:

Vijay Kumar

Logistics & Operations:

Rama Thakur, Shyama Sinha, Manish Kumar, Mahendra Kumar

IT Support & Logistics:

Sugandh Sarvpriya, K P Gupta, Anshini Thakur, Mihika Kumar

Pharmacy Services:

Rajan Kumar Singh, Manish Kumar Madhukar, Avinash Kumar, Narendra Mishra

Pathology Services: (Health Care Centre, Muzaffarpur):

Dr K C Sinha, Dr Anshuman Sinha, Bipin Kumar

General Support Workers & Housekeeping:

Hari Bhagat, Basant Prasad, Asha Devi, Sitaram Prasad

Pharmaceutical Industry Volunteers:

Nirmal Kumar (Aglowmed) : General Management & Supervisor

Deepak Kumar (Aglowmed): Registration Desk

Kunal Kishor (Aglowmed) : Registration Desk

Sitesh Kumar Chaudhry (Aglowmed) : Registration Desk

Satish Kumar (Cachet) : Registration Desk

Siddhartha Shanker (Abbott) : General Support & Lipid Profile Testing

Rohit Ranjan (Abbott) : General Support & Lipid Profile Testing

Echocardiographic Equipment Support:

Dr Ranju Jha (Medicare Diagnostic Centre, Muzaffarpur)

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