18 October 2014:

7 PM Onwards: Team Meeting, Pre-assessments

19 October 2014:

4 PM Onwards: Meet the Press & Public

Venue: Hotel Mikakshi Internatitional, Muzaffarur

Co-ordinator:Prof. Shyama Sinha

  • The Hridayam Foundation so sar: Dr B B Thakur, Chairman, India 
  • April 2014 Event: Facts & Figures:Sugandh Sarvpriya, IT Manager
  • Lessons Learnt & Ways Forward: Ashish Thakur, Director & Chief Cardiologist
20-22 and 24-26 October 2014:

Community Cardiology Programme: Team Hridayam

There will be a half day for patients taking blood thinning medications, i.e. Acitrom or Warfarin who wish to seek advice/discuss their condition.

Here is the list of our team / partners for our October 2014 Event:
Lead Clinical Team:
Dr B B Thakur, Dr Ashish K Thakur, Dr Smita Thakural Support Workers:

Mr Satendra Kumar Singh, Mr Raj Kumar, Mr Narendra Mishra, Mr Suman Kumar

Dr Sanjeet Kumar, Dr Sabya Sachi, Dr Lubaid KP, Dr Durgesh Kumar

Mrs Rama Thakur, Mr G C Sinha, Prof. Shyama Sinha, Miss Anshini Thakur

Mr Sugandh Sarvpriya, Mr K P Gupta

Dr K C Sinha, Mr Satyanarayan Rai, Mr Bipin Kumar Singh

Mr Vikas Kumar Shrivastava, Mr Ratnesh Kumar

Dr Ajoy Kumar (Abhijeet X Ray, Muzaffarpur)

Dr Ranju Jha (Medicare Diagnostic Centre, Muzaffarpur)

Mr Avinash Kumar Mishra, Mr Rajan Kumar Singh, Mr Manish Jha

Mr Mahendra Kumar, Mr Hari Bhagat, Mr Basant Prasad, Ms Asha Devi

Mr Surendra Thakur, Mr Sitaram

Mr Nirmal Kumar, Mr Sitesh Kumar Chaudhry, Mr Chandan Kumar, Mr Durgesh Kumar (Aglowmed)

Mr Santosh Kumar Sharma, Mr Nilmani (Cachet)
Conference and Catering Services:

Hotel Minakshi International, Muzaffarpur


13 April 2014:

1. UK team arrived in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India.

4.30-6.00 PM: "MEET THE PRESS" event

2. Inauguration of The Hridayam Foundation India Event by lighting the lamp and  vedic  chanting.

3. A brief overview of The Hridayam Foundation was presented to the public and media by  Anshini  Thakur, Year 7 student at Wakefield Girls High School, United Kingdom

4. The Hridayam Foundation Community Cardiology Programme 18-20 April was detailed by  Dr  Ashish Thakur, Consultant Cardiologist, UK & Founder Director of the Organisation.

5. Question & Answer session for PRESS & PUBLIC


Chair:  Dr  K Tewary, Prof. & HOD Medicine, SKMCH, Muzaffarpur

Dr C M P Sinha, Chairman, API Muzaffarpur Branch

Topics & Speakers:

"Cardiovascular risk & primary prevention"

Speaker:  Dr  Smita Thakur. General Practitioner, UK

"Management of Angina: An update"

Speaker: Dr. Ashish Thakur, Consultant Cardiologist, UK

8.30 PM onwards: Dinner & informal discussions.

14 -17 April 2014

Pre-Assessments, Site visits, Team building meetings

IT meetings

Meetings with Sponsors &  Health care  workers

"Walk/Run for Heart" event

Final process checks, & team meetings

18-20 April 2014 (8-1 PM, 2-6 PM)

The Hridayam Foundation Community Cardiology Programme

Registration confirmation

Height. Measurement

Weight Measurement

BMI calculation

Blood glucose testing (  fasting / random ) for all patients

Glycosylated Haemoglobin testing for Diabetes patients

Cholesterol testing for all patients


Pre-Education Session

General / Cardiac Consultation

Echocardiography if necessary

Management plan documentation

Education and  counselling

Discussion about medications & ways forward with patient and family

Patient Feedback

Daily team de-brief session at the end of day

20 April 2014

7-8 PM Valedictory Session & vote of thanks.

The Hridayam Foundation is grateful to following who extended their kind and generous support towards following events during 13-20 April 2014:

ICP-API Forum, Muzaffarpur Electrocardiography (ECG)

Cachet Pharmaceuticals Scientific Sessions

GE Healthcare Echocardiography

Abhijeet Xray
Radiology (Xray) Services

Novo Nordisk India Pvt. Ltd. Glycosylated Haemoglobin A1C

Ranbaxy Laboratories Lipid Profile testing

Roche Diabetes Care Blood Glucose testing

Health Care Centre Pathology Services (Blood Tests)



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