The Foundation was launched in 2012 after 12 years of community service in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

It is based on the principles of the free (e.g. NHS), and universal access to healthcare, with focus on heart disease and also patients with Diabetes, the two main killers in the modern age. 


The Foundation was established by the Thakur Family, committed to the serving people and giving back.


The team comprises of Heart & Medical/Diabetes Specialists, General Practitioners, Paramedics, Technicians/Physiologists, and many professionals & dedicated volunteers in UK & India.


Our Motto is as follows:

1. To help poor patients with heart disease in Bihar, India for their diagnosis &/or treatment.

2. To conduct Heart & Diabetes community programmes in Bihar, India. 

3. To help raise awareness about healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle to prevent heart disease using Health & Lifestyle Coaching. This includes UK, especially people of South Asian origin with premature risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease. 

4. To provide educational / training / volunteering opportunities and conduct Interprofessional Meetings (CPD) for health care professionals (HCPs) either face to face or virtual /
 remotely, with event accreditation from RCP London or Bihar Council of Medical Registration as applicable for attendees. 

5. To offer help to patients seeking second opinion about their Heart problems & / or Diabetes. This has been a growing activity during the CIVOD 19 Pandemic. 

6. To help people during natural disasters, where possible with resources and volunteer support.

Our Team (UK / India):

Prof Dr B B Thakur. Chairman, Convenor, Chief Physician, Cardio-Diabetologist & Trustee (India)


Mrs Rama Thakur. Trustee (India) Co-Chair, Convenor & Head of Operations

Prof Dr Ashish K Thakur. Chairman (UK), Founder-Director, Trustee & Chief Cardiologist


Dr Smita Thakur. Co-Director & Trustee (UK), Family Physician, Cardio-Diabetologist & Weight Management 


Dr K C Sinha. Clinician and Lead Pathologist


Our Key Operational Volunteers (UK / India):


Mrs Mehala Kumar. Logistics, Lifestyle Support Volunteer, Trustee (UK) 


Mr Manish Kumar. Logistics, Lifestyle Support Volunteer 


Prof. Shyama Sinha. Operational Support

Mr Sugandh Sarvpriya. Logistics & IT Support, Trustee (UK)


Miss Anshini Thakur. Volunteer Medical Student for clinical support, clinical coding & operations

Miss Mihika Kumar. Volunteer


Mr Mahendra Kumar. Lead Operational Support Volunteer 

Mr Hari Bhagat. Housekeeping Volunteer 

Ms Asha Devi. Housekeeping Volunteer 

Clinical Support Worker Volunteers (India):

Satendra Kumar Singh

Raj Kumar

Suman Kumar

Pharmacy Service Volunteer (India):

Mr G C Sinha. Pharmacy & Logistics


Avinash Mishra

The above list is non-comprehensive and changes regularly as per activity needs.

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The Hridayam Foundation 2022-23. Registered Charity no: 1195240 (Charity Commission for England & Wales), 218/2019 (Muzaffarpur, India). Twitter:@hridayamuk Instagram: hridayamfoundation